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Thassos island is easily reachable through  Thessaloniki or Kavala Airport. Then you can easily access to  Kavala or Keramoti port take the ferry boat, having a pleasant sea way of 30 minutes and you are here! We will be happy to assist you with any information or transfer  you may need.

Byblos Villas are a few hours from the surrounding major towns

SKG - Thessaloniki airport : 2.5 hours
KVA - Kavala airport : 1 hour

From April to Octomber there are frequent sea ways from keramoti port

every 30 minutes from 06.00am  to 23.00 pmevery day.

Byblos Villas are a few hours drive from the surrounding major towns

Thessaloniki : 2.5 hours
Kavala : 30 minutes
Sofia : 3 hours
Bucuresti : 7 hours
Athens : 7 hours
Istanbul : 5 hours


Thassos Island

Thassos Island is situated in the Northern Aegean Sea, across from the sun kissed coast of Kavala and only 16 km away from the lacy shores of Halkidiki and Mount Athos on the other side. Those wondering how to get to Thassos must keep in mind that Thassos Island is served with frequent flights through the airports of Kavala and Thessaloniki. The journey by boat from Kavala port to Thassos lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. The journey by boat from Keramoti port (close to the airport) lasts only 30 minutes.

Thassos Island



Private Chef and Catering Services

Enjoy the convenience of having a private chef prepare for you meals with local island treasures, tailored to your preferences. Our Cook lady can bring the meals freshly made, at the villa. Enjoy this touch of exclusivity allows you to savor exquisite cuisine without leaving the comfort of your accommodation.


Private Boat Trips

Elevate your holiday by renting a private boat trip cruise. Discover the unspoiled beauty of Thassos Emerald Island. Discover hidden hideaways diving in Turquoise waters, and enjoy a day at sea with personalized services. Full day cruise or Sunset cruise is the best way to explore Thassos Emerald Island. 


Boundless Adventures

Unleash a world of excitement and serenity at our villas, where boundless adventures await your family. Whether you seek thrilling horseback-riding in the sunset or desire the timeless charm of a thousand-year-old natural lagoon, we offer the perfect blend of active and relaxed pursuits. Embark on Jeep safaris to discover cascading waterfalls and explore picturesque villages, ensuring your holiday is an tapestry of unforgettable moments.


Concierge Services

Take advantage of the villa's concierge services to plan and organize every aspect of your stay.From restaurant reservations to themed evenings and events, the concierge can ensure a seamless and stress-free experience. Create memorable moments arranged within the villa. Whether it's a romantic candlelit dinner, a celebration with friends, or a family gathering, personalized events enhance the holiday experience.


Let us plan your trip

Discerning travelers are welcome to escape in the best private holiday villa rentals in Thassos and experience the epitome of authentic island living. The original architectural elements, the stone and wood, the high ceilings, the traditional deco details and fine antiques emanate a feeling of warmth and genuine grandeur while the beautifully appointed outdoor areas and tranquil surroundings of these luxury villas in Thassos contribute to a sense of privacy and unrivaled calm.