Greece is an incredible country to explore, especially the Greek Islands.  Most people, especially the Greek islands, are synonymous with sunny days, top quality of food, picturesque places &  friendly people, make it a perfect place for a holiday. Though Greece has too many islands and it can be quite difficult to decide where to visit, especially when it comes to the top Greek islands with the best beaches to visit.

From the beautiful Greek islands,  Thassos is a stunning island that you’ll love.

Take a look at some of the best things to do below and have one of the best trips ever!

  1. Enjoy a marvelous sunset in ancient picturesque villages and local seaside taverns, enjoying the famous seafood treasures of the island, or lay down on your very own luxurious sunbeds of the Byblos Mare Villa enjoying the famous rose wine from Byblos Estate vineyards.
  2. For a great place to stay in Greek islands and more specific in  Thassos, check into the Byblos Luxury Villa-Chateau  which is just stunning. Or for those who seek the breeze of a Beach Front Villa with turquoise waters  Byblos Mare villa will meet all your top expectations. The Byblos Luxury Villas are the most awarded Villas in the north Aegean islands, for several years in a row.
  3. Greece is known for its amazing food and Thassos is no exception. There are so many amazing local dishes you have to try.  Just make sure to bring with you comfortable trousers! Enjoy island recipes in Thassian whitewashed little tavernas, exploring picturesque villages like Limenaria, Skala Marion, Thelologos and Kazaviti. Or top  Greek food with organic olive oil, slow-cooked in Byblos Luxury Villa – Chateau. Spoil yourself in higher levels, with the famous Byblos wine from Byblos vineyards, found and served exclusively to Byblos Luxury Villas guests.
  4. Enjoy awesome beaches with warm and safe waters in Thassos Emerald island. “Paradise Beach”, “Metaleia” close to the ancient goldmines, “Fari”, “Marble Beach”  “Skala Sotiros” that is located The Byblos Mare Villa & “Aloupes” that is located The Byblos Luxury Villa Chateau, just a few meters away.
  5. What’s your dream vacation rental? A Beachfront Villa steps from the sand? Byblos Mare Villa is the ultimate experience. Or a perfect hideaway in a “Natura area”  like the  Luxury Villa Chateau a few minutes away from a  lonely beach, walking among aromatic lemon trees and century-old Olive trees.
  6. Oh, and don’t forget to book exciting  Thassos Excursions.  Our experienced staff in Byblos Luxury Villa – Chateau can organize the best sailing cruise and watch the sunset, facing  the ancient Theater in Thassos island.  It’s beautiful! Or a Paradise Beach Safari including the top beaches with stopovers to picturesque villages to experience the famous slow-cooked lamb on the spin enjoying  The Byblos Luxury Villas recommendations for top local food in the best taverns of Thassos island!